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Sharing news about lung cancer developments for EGFR-mutant patients and patients with EGFR and HER2 exon 20 insertions and point mutations.

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About The News Digests

In the belief that knowledge equals power, members of the Exon 20 Group have set up various journal and Google alerts to track internet activity containing the following sets of keywords:  

With this structure now in place we have commenced the process of scanning the daily results and selecting those that are relevant. Soon we will be forwarding these results (weekly and/or monthly) to Group members. We will eventually be setting up a structure for the Exon 20 Group members to comment and thus provide context for why a given article or publication is important.

Knowing that many of the Exon 20 Group members are finding great items as well, we'd like to announce an email address that you can send journal items, announcements, abstracts, full articles to: BobHanlonDigest@exon20group.org

Thank you so much for your help on this and for your support of the Exon 20 Group.

Robert T. Hanlon, PhD
Co-Founder, the Exon 20 Group

on behalf of

Kevin M. Hanlon, Founder, the Exon 20 Group
Robert T. Hanlon, PhD
Marcia K. Horn, JD, Director

Special Advisors

Shelley B. Blam, PhD
Carey Gold
Paula Hockster
Scott M. Kahn, PhD
Regina Marie Klopfer
Jon Phillips
Mark Sinclair
Lars Haakon
Tracy Stauffer
Patricia Yasechko

More About the Exon 20 Group

The Exon 20 Group is part of ICAN®, International Cancer Advocacy Network and is dedicated to expediting exon 20-targeted drugs into—and through—clinical trials, to benefit patients and the global oncology community. Please visit our website at https://exon20group.org for more information.

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